XIX International Forum WORLD HERITAGE and DESIGN for HEALTH

This Thursday, 15.07.2021, at  09:30 CEST.

Our partners Nunzia Borreli and Lisa Nadia Roberta Pigozzi from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca will be presenting “The Ecoheritage Project: How Ecomusems can reinforce the relationship between culture and nature”.

The XIX International Forum is organized by Benecon University Consortium, UNESCO Chair on Landscape, Cultural Heritage and Territorial Governance, and will raise issues related to architecture, culture, health, landscape, design, enviroment, agriculture, economy, territorial governance, archeology and heritage.

The live streaming will take place on Università telematica Pegaso Youtube channel.

More info: www.benecon.it / info@benecon.it.

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