Coalition of ecomuseums and partners for climate action

Ecomuseums and climate change

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  • We are translating some chapters of the book “Ecomuseums and Climate Change”. This work is a way for the continuity of the working group that organized the 2021 and 2023 conferences, building the smart documentation of the conferences, and organizing and producing the book as an ‘open access’.

    We hope that the translations can help to:

    1) build new connections, dialogue and cohesion across the Italian speaking ecomuseums

    2) build bridges between the ecomuseum world and the traditional museum world

    3) continue to translate the book in other languages.

    4) that it all results in nurturing reflection, dialogue, empathy, shared vision and co-creative actions that ripple across the world’s living cultures – honouring the rich tapestry of our global population.

    Ultimately the future depends on humanity redefining its relationships with itself, and with the entirety of the biosphere. As catalysts of cultural adaptation and change, museums in all their various forms, acting as ‘places of the muses’, can help release the vast potential of humanity for consciousness, compassion and co-creativity.
    Info on

    “The Inside-Outside Model – Animating the Muses for Cultural Transformation Amid the Climate Crisis” by Douglas Worts and Raul Dal Santo is available in English and in Italian at

    The Model is described in the chapter no. 2 (pag. 65) of the book “Ecomuseums and climate change”. In the chapter no. 14 (pag. 321) of the same book the authors show the application of the model in the case study of the Ecomuseum of Parabiago.

    This is a very valuable and timely project that contributes to the continuity of the working group as well as to the dissemination of the book. Who wants to help in translating the book?

    We also translated this chapter:
    – Connecting the 21 Principles of Ecomuseums, the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Action by Henry McGhie (italian and portughese)
    On the DROPS webpage you can find links to the other McGhie’s work (in english) about museums and SDGs
    In particular pay attention to the book “Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals” (2019), also available in Latvian, Hungarian and Spanish.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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